From a small suburb in Northern California, Emily grew up watching home movies and Disney Sing-Along Songs on VHS. In 2007, She stumbled upon her first film class "Movietime 8," where she learned to use Flip Video cameras and iMovie. Five years later, she majored in film in college. 

Emily received a BFA in Film & Television Production with a concentration in documentary and cinematography. She has directed, shot, and edited a number of short documentaries. Her first short "Getting Banksy" grabbed the attention of HBO Documentary Films, who licensed some of her footage and was included in HBO's Banksy Does New York. Since then, she has shot short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials, working for clients such as ELLE, Refinery29, THINX, Dow Jones, Sally Hansen, Squarespace, and eBay.

Currently, she is working on various documentaries. When she is not filming and editing her own projects, Emily freelances as a camera operator and AC, and works as a video lead at Sofar Sounds. She also enjoys globetrotting, tasting local cuisines, befriending strangers' dogs.