Credit Do

My Role: Lead UX/UI designer, product strategy

Credit Do is a non-profit dedicated to educating students on financial independence. A college degree can increase an individual’s lifetime earnings by more than $1 million. However, 70% of students seeking a higher education have to take out a loan, which can lead to debt, particularly if they are low-income. Credit Do’s Smarter Barter™ platform allows students to earn store credit to local businesses through community service opportunities, helping them jumpstart their educational savings accounts. Upright had done fundraising and branding work with Credit Do before, so we were able to fit our discovery process into just two days.

Product Discovery

The product lead and I sat down with Credit Do’s team for a design sprint. Through whiteboarding and post-its, we established business and user goals and created personas. When we drew journey maps for our student and teacher personas, we determined that they ultimately needed two different platforms: a mobile app for students and a desktop dashboard for teachers.


The user journey maps helped us prioritize which features to include in the MVP. I live storyboarded the team’s ideas on the whiteboard, which were based on our journey maps.


Determining Product Features

As conversation turned to future releases, we determined additional users to include: school principals/admin, store merchants, NGO admin, and Smarter Barter event volunteers. I put together a product roadmap to outline features for the MVP, a second release, and long-term.


Visual Design

The UI of the prototypes mirror Credit Do’s established branding on their website, utilizing their bright colors. The information architecture for the student mobile app also echoed their 3-step process to living debt-free: “Learn, Work, Save.”

Analytics Platform for Teachers

I carried the same visual language over to the analytics platform, which allows teachers and school admin to track students’ lesson and implementation progress.

Next Steps

Currently in preparation for development, but with the time and resources, I would like to do some usability tests at the schools where Credit Do’s Smarter Barter program is already implemented.