Vault Beauty

My Role: Lead UX/UI designer, product strategy

Artists in the beauty industry are typically referred to new clients via word-of-mouth or social media. It is difficult to determine their true level of experience and customer service. Vault Beauty connects clients with vetted hair, makeup, and nail artists all over the world. Before going into development, VB’s founder wanted to quickly test a prototype to really understand the users, as well as validate or refute any conjectures.

Product Discovery

VB’s founder, product strategist, product manager, and I spent the first 3 days of the 5-day discovery sprint whiteboarding and arranging post-its. We aligned on business and user goals, broke out needs and pain points into user personas, and mapped out user journeys.


Mapping out user journeys also helped us prioritize MVP features and served as the foundation for our storyboards. I led the live storyboarding workshop, translating the teams’ ideas into whiteboard sketches.


Visual Design

VB’s founder wanted her app to be luxurious, yet clean, and favored colors like white and rose gold. To begin the visual design process, I applied these notes to the storyboards, delivering a clickable prototype by the end of the 5th day.



We conducted a total of 6 user tests (I facilitated 1). We wanted to know about their past experiences with booking beauty appointments, as well as how our prototype did or did not meet their needs.

“How did you find the last artist you worked with?”

“How do you determine if an artist is good or not?”

After downloading our notes from testing as a team, we outlined the changes that should be made to the prototype.

Next Steps

I am doing a redesign, including branding, based on these findings (details to come) to prep the product for development.